Utility system involve many things which related to the Power , Energy and Minerals. From generation to end user the total system include complex solution. Engineers are involve for their monitoring , repair and maintenance. A planned and effective strategy to troubleshoot and maintenance the system may save money and time for the producer and user both. We provide the best effective solution for utilities. Our solutions are for power and Energy & mineral resources.

1. Power

Power is one of the most vital part of our life. From generation to distribution the system is like a chain. One’s effect will reflect to other . We provide core solution to power utility thus downtime may reduce effectively . Our major solutions are:

  • Turbine compressor washing fluid
  • LV,MV, HV Grounding set
  • Calibration Equipment
  • Oil Testing equipment
  • Oil Centrifuging Machine
  • Transformer Test System
  • Energy meter testing bench
  • Cable Termination kit
  • Drop out fuse
  • Capacitor bank
  • Cable Lug
  • Safety Tools
  • Cable Ladder/Tray
  • Lubricant
  • Mechanical accessories
  • Test & Measuring instruments
  • Distribution panel
  • Street Light

2. Energy and Mineral Resources

Energy and Mineral resources are another part of power as fuel. Gas and mining companies are similar to power industries. They have generation , transmission and distribution system. We provide prime consultation with optimum solution for energy and mineral resources . Our major solutions are

  • Gas meter testing bench
  • Gas leak detector
  • Flow computers
  • Orifice plate
  • Seal rings
  • Meter Tubes
  • Flow meters
  • Flow Conditioners
  • S-Lok Fittings and valves
  • Manifold
  • Thermowell
  • Gauges
  • Calibrators
  • Level Indicator

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