Medical equipments are very sophisticated since they are used for human life saving. But machines may have error and displacement of actual accuracy . Unless the preventive maintenance this machines can take lives . Likewise human body diagnosis, medical equipments need diagnosis to catch such errors or uncertain problems to save human life. We provide complete medical equipment solution to diagnose the sophisticated equipment used in OT/ICU/CCU/NICU/HDU and so on. Our solution areas for QA/QC are:

  1. Operation Theatre and Critical Care Unit
  2. Radiology and Imaging

1. Operation Theatre and Critical Care Unit

Operation theatre (OT) and critical care units are very sensitive area where patients and doctors both fight against the diseases. Different types of equipments are used in OT , post operative unit and critical care units . Such as vital sign monitor, ECG, Defibrillator, Infusion devices, Electrosurgical unit etc. This devices are used to easier complex operation or diagnosis in the most easiest way. To monitor these equipment we have solutions of Datrend Systems Inc. the most renowned manufacturer of North America in this market. Our range of solutions are

  • Electrical safety analyzer
  • Electrosurgical analyzer
  • Multi-parameter Patient Simulator
  • Defibrillator Analyzer
  • Pacer Analyzer
  • Gas flow / Ventilator Analyzer
  • Fetal and Neonatal Test Equipment
  • Infusion Device Analyzer
  • NIBP Simulators

2. Radiology and Imaging

Radiation technology is the another blessing in medical science which bring the real-time situation of internal human organ’s and functional status. In some cases this radiation technology is using as weapon of diagnosis and in some cases it uses for clinical therapy. We have wide range of solution for radiography, fluoroscopy, computerized tomography, angiography, mammography, intra-oral, cephalometric and so on. Our solution are European product high precision. Our major specialization solutions are :

Meter and Instruments

  • X-ray dose meters
  • Precision survey meters
  • mAs/Exposure time meters
  • mAs/kVp/Time meters
  • kVp/Time Meters
  • X-ray Field and Fan Measurement
  • Light and Luminance Meters (Medical)
  • Ambient Light Monitoring Device
  • Calibrated Reference Sensitometer
  • Scanning Densitometer
  • Advanced Pencil chamber meter for CT/CTDI

QA/QC Test Phantoms

  • Radiography / Fluoroscopy Test Phantom
  • CR / DR / Screen-Film R+F Test Phantom
  • Subtraction Angiography QA Phantom
  • Beam Alignment / Contrast Detail / Screen-Film Contact Tools
  • Enhanced Digital Dental Phantom
  • ConeBeam CT / 3D Test Phantom
  • Clinical Mammography IQ Phantom
  • Stereotactic Biopsy Phantom
  • Screen-Film Mammography Phantom
  • Anthropomorphic Phantoms

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