Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection

Lightning is a natural phenomena generated by the interaction between clouds. The electric field creates by a lightning is huge that can short circuit, burn or even injure assets. Moreover in open field often people commit death by lightning. To get protection from this phenomena there are two types of protection technology are available in the world. One is conventional lightning protection and other is early streamer emission (ESE) lightning protection.

A conventional lightning protection contains single rod with earthing systems . But an ESE lightning protection system is more effective than a conventional system. ESE system protects a certain radius of area. But a single rod conventional system only protects that structure where it situated at. Thus an ESE system is more cost effective than a conventional one.

We provide the most reliable brand ESE device from ABB Ltd. The product is origin by France . This device complies all the criteria of NFC 17 102 . Apart from the device the system contains strike counter and earthing system .

There are three models of ESE device : OPR 30, OPR 45 and OPR 60. According to the Rolling sphere method radius of protection depends on height of the OPR tip above the surface(s) to be protected. Its is calculated, OPR efficiency and level of protection

The risk assessment shall be calculated according to NFC 17 102 Annex-A/IEC 62305-2 and will define the protection level (LPL I,II,III,IV) which will be used to determine the radius of protection of OPR

Table: OPR radius of protection (Different model)

Fig: A complete ESE lightning protection system

We provide total solution of lightning protection for residential, commercial and industrial area. We have dedicated team for design, installation and commissioning  for a complete lightning protection solution.


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